• Lacking the proper or required qualifications.
  • Not modified by conditions or reservations; absolute.
  • Not qualified; not fit; not having the requisite talents, abilities, or accomplishments.
  • Not qualified legally; not having the legal qualifications; specifically, not having taken the requisite oath or oaths; not having passed the necessary examinations and received a diploma or license: as, an <em>unqualified</em> practitioner of medicine.
  • Not modified or restricted by conditions or exceptions; absolute: as, <em>unqualified</em> praise.
  • Not <xref>qualified</xref>, <xref>ineligible</xref>, <xref>unfit</xref> for a <xref>position</xref> or <xref>task</xref>.
  • Not <xref>elaborated</xref> upon, <xref>undescribed</xref>.
  • having no right or entitlement
  • legally not qualified or sufficient
  • not meeting the proper standards and requirements and training
  • not limited or restricted
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