• An abnormally dilated or swollen vein, artery, or lymph vessel.
  • One of the longitudinal ridges on the surface of a gastropod shell.
  • Abnormal dilatation or tortuosity of a vein or other vessel of the body; also, a vein, artery, or lymphatic thus dilated or tortuous; a varicose vessel.
  • [NL.] In <em>conchology</em>, a mark or scar on the surface of a shell denoting a former position of the lip of the aperture, which has passed on with the periodical growth of the shell. Varices are conspicuous in some univalves. See cuts under <internalXref urlencoded="murex">murex</internalXref> and <em>triton.</em>
  • A uneven, permanent dilatation of a vein.
  • One of the prominent ridges or ribs extending across each of the whorls of certain univalve shells.
  • a <xref>varicose</xref>, i.e. <xref>swollen</xref> and <xref>knotted</xref>, <xref>vein</xref>
  • abnormally enlarged or twisted blood vessel or lymphatic vessel
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