• A female fox.
  • A woman regarded as quarrelsome or ill-tempered.
  • A she-fox.
  • Hence A turbulent, quarrelsome woman; a scold; a termagant: formerly used occasionally of a man.
  • Vixenish.
  • A female fox.
  • A cross, ill-tempered person; -- formerly used of either sex, now only of a woman.
  • A <xref>female</xref> <xref>fox</xref>.
  • A <xref>malicious</xref>, <xref>quarrelsome</xref> or <xref>temperamental</xref> woman.
  • A <xref>racy</xref> or <xref>salacious</xref> woman.
  • a malicious woman with a fierce temper
  • a female fox
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