• Any of various seed-eating songbirds of the family Estrildidae and especially of the genus <em>Estrilda,</em> native to Africa and introduced elsewhere, and having a short, often brightly colored waxy beak.
  • One of numerous small Old World birds of the family <em>Ploceidæ</em> and subfamily <em>Spermestinæ</em>, whose bills have a certain waxen appearance, due to the translucency of the horny covering, which may be white, pink, red, etc.
  • Any one of numerous species of finchlike birds belonging to Estrelda and allied genera, native of Asia, Africa, and Australia. The bill is large, conical, and usually red in color, resembling sealing wax. Several of the species are often kept as cage birds.
  • Any <xref>bird</xref> of the <xref>genus</xref> <xref>Estrilda</xref>.
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