• Made of or covered with wax.
  • Pale or smooth as wax.
  • Weak, pliable, or impressionable.
  • Made of wax; covered with wax: as, a <em>waxen</em> tablet.
  • Resembling wax; soft as wax; waxy.
  • Easily effaced, as if written in wax.
  • In <em>zoology</em>:
  • Being or consisting of wax: as, the <em>waxen</em> cells of honeycomb.
  • Like wax; waxy.
  • Waxed; having wax-like appendages: as, the <em>waxen</em> chatterer (the Bohemian waxwing).
  • An obsolete or archaic past participle of <em>wax</em>.
  • Archaic present indicative plural of <internalXref urlencoded="wax">wax</internalXref>.
  • Made of wax.
  • Covered with wax; waxed.
  • Resembling wax; waxy; hence, soft; yielding.
  • the Bohemian chatterer.
  • Made of <xref>wax</xref>; covered with wax.
  • Of or pertaining to <xref>wax</xref>.
  • Having the <xref>pale</xref> <xref>smooth</xref> characteristics of wax, <xref>waxlike</xref>, <xref>waxy</xref>.
  • Easily <xref>effaced</xref>, as if written in wax.
  • <xref>Grown</xref>.
  • Alternative past participle of <xref>wax</xref>.
  • having the paleness of wax
  • made of or covered with wax
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