• Resembling wax in appearance or texture, as in being pale, pliable, or smooth and lustrous.
  • Consisting of, abounding in, or covered with wax.
  • Containing amyloid deposits, as a bodily organ.
  • Angry; wrathy; irate.
  • Resembling wax or putty in appearance, softness, plasticity, adhesiveness, or other properties; waxen; hence, pliable; yielding; impressionable.
  • Specifically Noting certain complexions.
  • Made of wax; abounding in wax; waxed: as, a <em>waxy</em> dressing for leather
  • A change of parts of the muscular fibers into a peculiar hyaline substance, which differs from lardacein; it occurs in certain cases of typhoid fever, meningitis, and other acute febrile disorders.
  • Resembling wax in appearance or consistency; viscid; adhesive; soft; hence, yielding; pliable; impressible.
  • amyloid degeneration. See under <er>Amyloid</er>.
  • a kidney or liver affected by waxy degeneration.
  • None
  • <xref>Angry</xref>.
  • Resembling <xref>wax</xref> in texture or appearance.
  • capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking
  • made of or covered with wax
  • easily impressed or influenced
  • having the paleness of wax
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