• The sixth letter of the Greek alphabet.
  • A little closet or chamber: applied by some writers to the room over the porch of a Christian church where the porter or sexton lived and kept the church documents.
  • The sixth letter of the Greek alphabet, corresponding to the English <em>Z.</em>
  • Z<em>u</em> + Z<em>v</em> − Z (<em>u</em> + <internalXref urlencoded="v">v</internalXref>) = ksn <em>u.</em> sn <em>verb</em> sn (<em>u</em> + <internalXref urlencoded="v">v</internalXref>).
  • A Greek letter [ζ] corresponding to our z.
  • The name of the sixth letter of the modern <xref>Greek</xref> <xref>alphabet</xref> (<xref>Ζ</xref>, <xref>ζ</xref>) preceded by <xref>epsilon</xref> (<xref>Ε</xref>, <xref>ε</xref>) and followed by <xref>eta</xref>, (<xref>Η</xref>, <xref>η</xref>); or the seventh letter in the ancient Greek alphabet, in which it is preceded by <xref>digamma</xref> (<xref>Ϝ</xref>, <xref>ϝ</xref>)
  • A mathematical function formally known as the <xref>Riemann zeta function</xref>.
  • the 6th letter of the Greek alphabet
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