• A gray, brown, pink, or blue mineral, Ca<sub>2</sub>Al<sub>3</sub>(SiO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>3</sub>(OH), used in ornamental stonework.
  • A mineral closely related to epidote, but orthorhombic in crystallization.
  • A grayish or whitish mineral occurring in orthorhombic, prismatic crystals, also in columnar masses. It is a silicate of alumina and lime, and is allied to epidote.
  • A <xref>mineral</xref> with <xref>orthorhombic</xref> crystals, <xref>Ca</xref>2<xref>Al</xref>3(<xref>Si</xref><xref>O</xref>4)(Si2O7)O(O<xref>H</xref>).
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