• A usually sweetened bread first baked as a loaf and later cut into slices and toasted.
  • Slices of bread made from a rich dough, which have been heated in an oven until they are thoroughly dried and are of a deep yellow color.
  • A kind of biscuit or rusk first baked in a loaf and afterwards cut and toasted.
  • a usually sweetened <xref>bread</xref> <xref>enriched</xref> with eggs that is <xref>baked</xref> and then <xref>sliced</xref> and toasted until <xref>dry</xref> and <xref>crisp</xref>
  • a <xref>teething</xref> <xref>food</xref> for <xref>toddler</xref> children
  • slice of sweet raised bread baked again until it is brown and hard and crisp
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